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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

Our company is a major gate service contractor and also provides professional garage door repair services

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Our Infographic

Our Infographic

Don’t let problems with your automatic gate affect your safety and security. Use the following infographic to deal with them effectively and on time.

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Gates Install & Repair

Gates Install & Repair

Are you in need of a gate or fence company that produces a superior product? For years now our Gate Repair and Install Company in Bonsall has built a solid reputation on the fact that we always satisfy our customers no matter what their needs may be.

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Useful ideas to keep them working longer

Common gate repair queries are answered clearly on this page.

I had my gate installed recently, how do I maintain it?

When you have your gates installed, you do not only use it but you also have to maintain it. An expert from Gate Repair Bonsall advises regular maintenance and checking the mechanisms and controls of your gate. Always make sure they are functioning properly for the safety and convenience of everyone. It is also advisable to oil hinges and rollers to protect them from rust.

When something goes wrong with my gate, what do I have to do initially?

There are times your immediate attention is needed when your gates malfunction. According to experts from Gate Repair Bonsall, the initial steps you can do is to check on the power supply of the gate and see to it the switches are on and there is enough flow of electricity. Check on batteries of controls as they might need to be replaced.

What are the power options for a gate opener?

The charge in the battery is usually maintained by a solar panel or transformer. If the gate is far away from an AC source, consider using a solar panel. Ideally a battery is included with the purchase otherwise a 12V automotive type battery is recommended by gate repair experts in Bonsall.

How often should I ask for gate opener maintenance?

Gate opener systems for both residential and commercial use should undergo a regular maintenance check-up after every 2000 cycles. One cycle corresponds to each time a gate is opened, and then closed automatically. It is fairly difficult to keep track of how many times you use the gate system, so if you want to be precise, installing a cycle counter is a good idea.

What are the different access control equipments for gates?

If you are new to shopping for gate-related items, you may not be familiar with the term access control. This actually refers to keypads, keyholes, card readers, sensors, and other paraphernalia involved in opening a gate to gain entry. There are access control items that integrate telephones or intercom systems, which are typically used in commercial or institutional settings.

Can I perform gate bracing myself to avoid sagging?

In general, you could combat gate sagging yourself with some DIY bracing, but it depends on the kind of gate and your level of expertise. Bracing your gate will typically need basic carpentry and excavation skills, the right equipment, and the right kind of gate. Some gates cannot be repaired by a non-professional, so keep that in mind before trying.

Can an automatic gate crash into my car?

No. If the gate has sensors that are working correctly, the gate should never come into contact with any object or person that gets in its way. All modern opener systems made within the last 10 years will come with sets of sensor designed for this very purpose.

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